Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Afterschool Zoo Trip

One of the hot days I decided to surprise L when I picked him up from school, and take the kids to the zoo. I grabbed a backpack full of drinks and snacks, and hats, and packed him some shorts and sandals to change into in the car. Off we went! I really like going to our zoo later in the day. Not only has the temp cooled a bit, and the place has found some shady spots, but most of the crowd has gone away. Especially at this time of year, in the mornings, there are tons of school field trips before school lets out. Our first stop was to the tigers. We love starting with them!

This guy was sleeping right up next to the glass, just like how we left our cat at home. The kids had fun pretending like they were petting him. That is until he twitched and D freaked a bit.

Both warthogs were actually out, I think in our years of visiting this zoo, we have only seen these guys once. So of course the kids thought that was really awesome!

This little guy is a honey eater. L can tell you all about them, all thanks to the Wild Kratts! So he was really amazed that we could see this one up close, and eating an apple slice. 

This troublesome Kangaroo had gotten into the little pond they have for some water fowl, and refused to get out. Until the zookeeper came up and was rubbing it's back trying to get it out. Then it took off hopping, looking back to make sure she was following her, and started to chase this poor little wallaby. 

I make sure I get a picture of the kids on this giant turtle every single year, and have for years! It's so fun to look back every year at how big they have gotten, plus this one shows off the missing teeth!

We capped off the visit with a stop at 7's (7-11) as my kids call it, for slurpees, on our way to pick up Adam from work. 

I call that a fun day!!!


Brandy said...

We absolutely love the SBN zoo!!!! It is the perfect size for my little guys, we can walk the whole place and still have plenty of time to explore whatever our favorite animal of the day happens to be. One day it was almost an hour at the koi pond gazebo, lol, but they LOVE it! Thanks for sharing your trip! =)

Hippie Mama Kelly said...

Thank you for your sweet comment! We just love our little zoo. It has been a staple in our house since L was 11 months old. We are very lucky to have my dad buy us the family pass each year for the kid's birthday, so we make good use out of it.

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