Monday, April 23, 2012

Garden Party 2012

I know this happened about a month ago, but it was way too fun to share. Every year on the first day of Spring I host a Garden party. We get the kids together to paint flower pots, and then plant seeds. Normally I do this in my backyard, but this we had so many in attendance that I moved it to a local park. I always use acrylic paints because they will hold up better out in the elements better than washable.  In the past I let each child pick out their own colors, but with 24 kids, I just gave them a plate with spring colors already on it. There were no two alike, and they were all fantastic. We finished the day with some playground playing, and a potluck picnic. Not a bad day at all!!

All ready for the kids to get here.

Garden party 2009 (the first one!)


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