Monday, April 23, 2012

Our Zoo Book

I have been teaching my kids a variation of preschool now for a few years, and even though D is just now getting ready to go off to school, she has all the same abilities of her older brother. So she has been getting bored with the usual learning, and I must say, that I am too. So one night an idea hit me, we have spare empty spiral notebooks and I have been noticing all these fun animal crafts, why not but them all together and make a zoo book. At first I thought we should make it with all the zoo animals at our local small zoo, and even do them in order that you come to when you walk through it. But once I told D the idea, she wanted to make animals that our zoo did not have. Sure, why not! We made a list of animals that we are going to attempt. Some I have found on the web. I will try to link all the projects as they come up.

First up was our "K" kangaroo. We have done this one before, but D wanted to do it again. We do all the crafts on paper, then cut them out and glue them into the notebook. This one was brought to us by Totally Tots.

This is our "T" for tiger, as seen on Make do + friend

Flamingo handprint as seen on  Sweet and Lovely Crafts

D really wanted to make a sheep, but wanted it to have a peach body. She was very disappointed that we didn't have peach paper. So she decided that it would be fine to make the feet black and the face tan. She started by tracing her hand with a white crayon on the black paper. We then cut the thumb off of the black paper, and traced it on the tan paper. 

We glued those then to the paper, and cut out the "fluffy" part. She really thought they turned out better then she expected. Inspired by Kerbrary.

We ended with making hand print zebras, but made them on white paper with white paint. Yep, that didn't work. We went through with it anyway. They still didn't turn out the greatest, but D was happy with them.  Inspired by Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas.


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