Wednesday, February 22, 2012

President's day crafts!

We celebrated President's day this past Monday at the library with the moms group, and L was very happy that he has school off and was able to join us. All the projects we did this year came straight from things I found on Pinterest! You just HAVE to love that site!!!! The original blog to post these was Mrs. Karen's Preschool Ideas!

We also made a flag with just strips of red and white paper, a blue rectangle, and some silver stars I found. Somehow I didn't get a picture of those, but they were very interesting! We had kids between the ages of 2-11 doing these crafts this time, and it was so fun to watch the difference in concept of how these should all look. Not one looked the same!

The first craft we did was the Abe Lincoln log cabin.
Supplies needed:
brown construction paper
Elmer's glue
popsicle sticks
triangle, square, and rectangle cut out of paper

The kids first glued the sticks in the shape they wanted the cabin to be in. Most just put little dots of glue on each end and the middle of the sticks. I didn't even have to tell them, they did it on their own. I was very impressed! Then they figured out where they wanted the roof, window, and door.

Next up was the George Washington face. This was my favorite!
Supplies needed:
red or blue background paper
red or blue hat shape
red or blue star
white circle
6 cotton balls
coffee filter
Elmer's glue

The kids picked out which colors they wanted to make this in. First we glued the circle for his face on the background paper. Then came the hat, star, then the cotton ball "wig", and the coffee filter ruffle shirt. I didn't draw a face on mine so the kids had to use their imagination to draw a face on theirs. I LOVED seeing all the different faces of Washington!

Here is what we did last year! I read all the same stories because we really liked them. At home the kids and I read some other books for a little bit bigger kids. I will post those below.


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