Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Groundhog's day!

Now, I know, I am a bit late on this, but it has been pretty hectic over these parts this month.  This year's groundhog's day was just 4 kids, but they all had a fun time.

Supplies needed:
brown construction paper
white paper
black paper
glue stick
brown marker
large half heart tracer
small heart tracer
eye tracer
nose tracer

To make this a little easier for the kids, I folded the brown paper in half. I then traced the large half heart tracer along the folded edge. Next I folded the small heart tracer in half, and traced in on the same brown paper, but along the opposite side. I had the kids cut out the pieces them selves. Using the half of small brown heart as the ears, the white heart as the teeth.

The books we read were:


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