Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mardi Gras

It totally slipped my mind that yesterday was Mardi Gras already until Adam reminded my in the morning. So we had a very thrown together celebration! Picked up Paczkis for dessert, made a family sized box of Zatarain's Jambalaya with Polish sausage, and listened to the Cajun Pandora station while the kids and I made face masks. I once again found this fun idea from Pinterest! The original idea came from family crafts.

Supplies you need:
bright colored construction paper
Elmer's glue
bright sequins in all shapes and sizes
bright colored pencil or popsicle stick

Start out by tracing both hands on the construction paper, and then cut out. Draw in where you would like the eye holes (in the palm somewhere) and cut out. Best to do that before gluing them together.  Next up, glue the hand together at the wrist. We made sure that our thumbs were pointing up to make it even more festive! Then have fun decorating. You could use sequins, markers, stickers, tissue paper, really whatever you have on hand at the house already. When all done decorating, we used masking tape to attach the pencil to the mask. Let dry for at least 1 hour before using as a fun party costume.

Here are the fun masks we made last year!


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