Monday, May 16, 2011

Mommy and Me tea party

I started a tradition with D the year she turned 1, that around Mother's day we would have a tea party.  Now that first year, she wasn't 1 yet, just 1 short month away from that first year milestone.  I normally just take her to a local coffee shop and get her an iced tea and a baked good treat.  Well, every year it goes down in flames.  I think because I am a stay at home mom, and the kids never really get a break from me, D has been a Daddy's girl.  And every year when her and I leave to do our thing, it results in a crying, screaming, meltdown.  It makes me feel horrible, and I question why I do it every year.  Well this year, all those bad years finally paid off.  Adam and I enjoy going to a local pub every once in awhile, and a few months ago I noticed that they do an afternoon tea for adults and kids.  The place is a very family friendly place, so I just knew we would have to try it.  I put it on the calendar for the moms group that I organize and figured even if no one else could make it, D and I would try it out! I am so glad that we did!  I think it helps that she is almost 4 (I still can't believe that!), and that we have been drinking tea and having "tea parties" all winter.  I booked a table for the group, 3 moms, and 4 girls.  The girls ages were 1, 2, 3, and 4, and this was so much fun!  Each person, children included, had their own pot of tea.  There were 5-6 teas to choose from most of which were decaf.  They then brought out all the yummy food.  A giant bowl of fresh fruit, a platter with lemon pound cake and cream puffs, a dish a fresh scones complete with 3 types of jam and clotted cream, and then sandwiches.  There were the girl's sandwiches, cheddar cheese, and nutella with strawberries, and then there were the mommy sandwiches, turkey and cucumber.  Everything was so tasty, the wait staff was fantastic and totally on top of things, and there was more than enough food. For D and I before the tip, it was only $13!  That is a steal!  You spend more than that for 2 cups of tea and some pastries at a local coffee shop, and this was so much more.  I can't wait to do this with her again next year!  And after we got home and told the boys all about it, I think they want to go now too!

Mommy and D ready to go.  I love that she HAD to wear her rain boots.
 That is one excited girl!
 The table was all ready, now to just wait for our friends.
 All the girls and one of the moms.  We all wore pretty dresses!

 So much fun!
 Barely any food left at the end.


Anonymous said...

I know this is kinda random but, I have been super pumped since I found out that UniverSoul Circus was on its way to Indianapolis, IN. They are scheduled to come to the Lafayette Square Mall, July 12-17. When I lived in Maryland I took my nephews just about every year...we absolutely LOVE this circus. Just thought this seemed like a fun activity you might be interested in posting.

Have a fantastic Friday!

So Incredibly Blessed said...

Oh, how cute! Great idea. D is growing up fast. My Ladybug turns four on Tuesday....time flies :)

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

What a lovely tradition, Kelly!! Looks like so much FUN -- plus I'm a huge fan of tea. :-) Love it!!

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