Tuesday, October 21, 2008

L's first movie in a real theater!

My friend Jackie has been offering to come and watch D for me so I can take L to the movies. Today was that day! We went to the dollar theater here in town and watched Wall-E. They had booster seats for the kids so that was fun. I even got us a junior popcorn! We got there toward the end of the short film at the beginning. It was a little hard to get in the seats because it was so dark in there, but L did so great!! He sat through the entire film, asked questions, ate all his popcorn and teddy grahams, and was even sad when Wall-E was "hurt". Toward the end of the movie L did want to sit in my lap which was fine by me, the only problem was that he leaked through his diaper and all over me and my jeans!! So I just changed his diaper in the aisle since it was so dark, there were only 4 other people in the theater, and he would have had a fit if I took him out. It was tons of fun, and I can't wait to take him again. The only thing that I would change was that we went to the 4:30 show and he was too wound up once we got home. It didn't help that we had company as soon as we got there. But next time I will take him to an earlier show. And by the way, I did change his diaper before we left! Oh well!!


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