Friday, August 22, 2008

So now what??

We use to have a problem with keeping L in his crib. He discovered that he could climb out of it right around 18 months. So this last May we got him a great big boy bed with Cars bedding. Silly us, for thinking that he would actually want to stay in that! L and D share a room and have since D was only 2 months old, so they are very use to having each other there. Well, this week L has discovered that he now can climb into D's crib and doesn't want to stay in his big boy bed. He has climbed in and woken her up now 4 times. I'm not really sure what to do, but I have gotten some great ideas from some of my mommy friends on Babycenter. It looks like we may have to put a tent up on each of the beds, or just let them sleep in the same crib. Not really sure yet, but I will keep you all posted on the developments as they happen! Just to show you what their room looks like now in the mornings....


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