Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Olympics = Political debate?

So when did talking about the Olympics become as heated as a political conversation? I have never been a fan of watching sports, and the Olympics does not escape this feeling. Having had just regular TV for almost my whole life, when they are on, there is VERY little on the tube. So we went to a party the day the opening ceremony was and everyone was of course talking about the up coming events. I casually mentioned that I don't really intend to watch any of the coverage. You would have thought that I claimed I didn't want to claim myself as an American anymore. People were appalled at the fact that I didn't like watching them. I was ignored by some of the people the rest of the time at the party. Luckily the kids were with and I was able to just focus all of my attention on them. When did this happen? And as Adam has so kindly pointed out, this year is the first year that it seems cool to watch them. When did that happen too?? I guess I'm not cool, and anti-American for not watching the Olympics! Oh well, there is a lot worse to worry about!


Janine said...

I pretty much hate the Olympics! I watched some of the swimming and gymnastics, but who the hell wants to watch people running a marathon? That is right up there w/ watching a golf match. Brett thinks I'm crazy for not loving the Olympics, but I can't help it! 2 weeks of sports? No thanks!

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