Monday, August 25, 2008

I did it!!

So many of you might know that I just don't like to exercise, but having 2 babies in 2 years can cause havoc on your already larger than liked body. So I decided late last week that I was going to start to train for a couch to 5K starting today. It starts out slow, but that's what I need since I don't exercise. I have even found a race to do in my set 9 weeks, and funny enough it is in my childhood hometown! I did it!! I went out this morning and jogged/walked for my 30 min. just like I was suppose to. I didn't even need my inhaler. Yes, I looked ridiculous, and yes my fat was jiggling everywhere, but I did it! That right there is a huge accomplishment for me. I am now doing this every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the next 9 weeks. Stay tuned for casual embarrassing updates as I go. And can I just say that I held off on telling Adam for a while because I knew he would be so excited. He has run numerous 5K races, 2 marathons, and a half marathon and is just itching to start running again. As soon as I told him that I decided to do this, his face lit up like I told him we were having a baby all over again. It was very cute! And actually I have to admit that he was the one that found the race for me to run. Now he is gonna see what it is like to wait in the rain/snow/cold with babies and see me run past for a second and go wait by the finish line. Maybe he will actually get to see me cross it, not like me on mulitple occasions!


Jennifer from BBC said...

You are awesome! How is the training going?

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