Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Brownie Kindness Project

We had read about a kindness project that took place at a local middle school. Schmucker Middle School had worked on notes of kindness and hid them in lockers to surprise the kids the next day.
My co-leader and I thought this would be a great project for our Brownies. This is our first year having a Girl Scout troop at our school, consisting of 3 kindergarten Daisies, 2 second grade Brownies, and 5 third grade Brownies. We have a small school of only 130 students, so we had the Brownies write a nice note for each and every student in the whole school. The girls had fun doing this month and a half long project, and were finally able to place the notes on students tables during last week's meeting.

I was able to come in and visit in the morning when all the students were discovering the notes left for them. There seemed to be smiles all around, and made that Wednesday just that much brighter.


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