Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Indy Children's Museum

We have wanted to make it here for a few years now, and it just wasn't in the budget. This year we made sure we could squeeze it in. I had asked Adam if he had been interested in going, and he of course wanted to go seeing as that neither of us had been since we were kids. The only time we had to fit this in was the last Saturday before school started, which was perfect. Indy was about a 2 1/2 hour drive made easier by the fact that a new addition to the highway takes us there in a straight shot. No, really, we stayed on one road the whole way down!

When we arrived just after opening, there was still plenty of room in their parking garage just across the street. They even had a skyway walk to head from the garage to the museum. Fantastic!!!!

This cool guy was standing proudly in the ramp area in the parking garage heading to the skyway.

Once inside, the kids were very excited to see that the dinos were indeed on the inside as well.

I had paid for our tickets online and printed them out at home, so getting in was a breeze! I highly recommend doing this! As we walked in, Adam noticed a sign saying that Optimus Prime would be arriving in just 10 min. So we headed up to the second floor and spotted a great place to see it all happen. While there, the kids were able to each get a free kids id card thanks to the Peyton Manning Children's Hospital.

We headed right upstairs to the science and water section on my new sister-in-law's suggestion. The kids really liked this underwater screening section. Look how cute those shoes sticking out are!

There were tons of fun photo ops!

A little past 1 we all realized we were starving, so we broke for lunch. Afterwards, L really wanted to see the dinosphere and since we were already on that level, we headed for it. This was such a neat exhibit. There were sounds galore here, both dinos and weather.

And of course there was a dino dig! And this wasn't just a brush the dust off sort of thing. The kids had to use tools to really chip the dirt and rocks away.

An underwater mystery
And the terracotta army was represented there! D had fun putting this one back together.

This bathroom line is taking forever!!
I loved this spot. It was right underneath the Chihuly exhibit, and allowed you to look up at all the glass and light. There was a bench for you to lean back on and while it slowly rotated, it allowed you to see different views.

We stayed until they closed at 5, making this a 6 1/2 hour visit, and the cool thing was that we didn't even get to see everything! Well worth the money and the time.  We will definitely be back.


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