Monday, September 14, 2015

First day of school 2015

This year was a brand new school year for us in a few ways. L is starting his 4th grade year, and D is starting her 3rd grade year, but both kids are starting in a new school. After the last few years, we had decided to make a change. We had applied for the transfer the previous year, but it was denied due to too many kids in D's grade. But this year, we made the cut. We have been planning and trying to buy a small chunk of farmland south of where we currently live for a few years now, and really wanted to get the kids into this school before we moved. Plus, there are only about 130 kids in the entire school as opposed to 550 in our last.

Our new school had a back to school picnic the Monday before school started, which was great! We were able to head in, meet the teachers, meet most of the other staff, receive a folder with all important paperwork, and have a nice meal with new and old friends. It really helped already having friends at this school too! Our best friends have gone there from day 1, and we knew many families thanks to Cub Scouts!

So far this school year is everything we wanted/needed it to be! In fact L came home the first day of school and proudly announced, "Mom, they included me like one of their own!!!" and right there it was all worth it.


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