Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Art Smart-1st grade Part 2

We did so many fun projects this past year, that I had to split this into 2 posts!

Artist: Paul Klee
Supplies needed: drawing paper, pencil, crayons

We tried our hand at 1 line drawings. Each kid had 1 piece of paper and a pencil. I told them that they could draw anything they wanted, BUT they could NOT lift the pencil off of the paper. It had to be 1 continuous line with no breaks in it. Once they figured out their drawing and finished it to their liking, we let them add color to the picture with crayons. I figured with the crayons we could still see the pencil line.

Artist: Charles DeMuth
Supplies needed: white drawing paper, pencil, gold paper, cool color oil pastels

Each kid cut out a medium sized gold 5 and glued it in the middle of the paper. Using a pencil, they drew a straight line out to the edge of the paper from each point on the 5. (We added one on the round section on the bottom as well) They then drew 2 circles around the 5 at 1" apart. Using a black crayon or oil pastel, trace all the lines drawn with the pencil. Have the kids fill in each section with the cool colors!


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