Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Our finished Thankful Tree

We made it most of the way through November remembering each night to put up our leaves.  Here is what our finished tree looked like. I'm not sure why the kids chose to put some leaves on the trunk of the tree, but I think it turned out pretty cute overall. The kids LOVED writing their own ideas and then taping them to the wall. We will have to do this next year again. Now, I'm going to post what we wrote down and some of them are really off the wall. But that was what made it so much fun.

D:                                  L:                                    K:                                         A:
baby pics                       happy                              food                                     Grandma
boots                              money                             music                                   walks in the fall
grandma                        thankfulness                    patience                                friends
leaves                            Amazing Race                warm blankets                      Grandpa
flowers                          leaves                              lazy Saturdays                       warmth
Milo (our cat)                Dad                                 silliness                                 electricity
kitchen set                     D                                     family TV time                       courage
pickles                           Mom                               a cozy bed                             fresh fruit
toys                                education                       coffee                                    peanut butter
glasses                           Thanksgiving                 inside jokes                           job
pictures                          car                                  knitting                                 free time
cows                              TV                                    birthdays                               forgiveness
peacocks                       fun                                  L                                            dinner with friends
pumpkins                      shoes                              God (L told me to put this)    fall walks
games                           tooth                                health                                     honesty
pillows                          clothes                            home      
cartoons                        clock                               easy going
                                      family and friends          coupons
                                     Wild Kratts                     turkey
                                      entertainment                 books


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