Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A day with Daddy!

Every 3 months for one day, I head up to Chicago with my friends and the kids get to spend the whole day with just daddy. They love it! You see, Dad is fun and does things that Mom does not do. Such as while shaving his beard, he lets them foam their faces up with shaving cream as well.

 Or take a walk to the local Meijer just for the fun of it. And draw seasonal pictures for the kids to paint with water colors. They each got a season, and even left one for me to paint when I got home.

 But the best is when Daddy tells them it's time to make the donuts for the next days breakfast! This is great fun because they get to crack eggs, mix batter, and use the rolling pin. Then in the morning, you get to mix up the glaze and pour it over the hot doughnuts. YUM!

 But the best part of all is that mommy gets to shop at some of her favorite stores that are not at home, with her favorite friend, and be herself instead of mommy.


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