Friday, November 18, 2011

My 32nd birthday

I celebrated my birthday this year on 11-11-11! What a special thing to say. It started earlier that week with dinner out with my dad and brother, lunch out with D and my mom, and then the day of my birthday I woke to the kids excited to give me a present. They almost spilled the beans on numerous occasions, but made it through to the morning. D picked out some new slippers, L picked out some neon mix match socks, and Adam got me new running shoes and a knitting loom. I also got to help out at L's school that morning. That night, the kids went to an Uncle's house, a friends gave us money for a date night so we headed out to eat and then for drinks. Adam made me a cake this year, it was the first time he has gotten to make me one, so that was special too. I had a great birthday this year, and I hope the next year keeps getting better. The best present I did get was L lost his first tooth the very next day. He was so excited, and loved that the tooth fairy came and brought him some coins for his piggy bank. The tooth right next to it is loose too, and he can't wait to loose that one too!


Jessica Nunemaker from little Indiana said...

Happy Birthday!

While some would say that I will be turning 32 the day after Christmas this year, I, however, state that I will be turning 29. Again.

:) Glad it was a good one!

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