Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow paint

In the last week, our city has gotten over 4 feet of snow.  3 feet of that was pretty much over night last weekend.  We did the sledding thing, and this week we got more.  I made sure that the kids and I just stayed home for the most part of this week.  So in honor of all the snow, we did some snow crafts.  I have one more to post, but we are still waiting for D's paint to dry. 

I found this project on, and right now they are having a contest.  If you and your family do 5 craft challenges, you will be entered into a drawing to win prizes.  I signed us up today, why not!

This was super easy and a little messy.  I made sure that I put a plastic tablecloth down on top of the table first.  We were doing this craft and one with paint, just wanted to make sure they table didn't get too messy!  You just need to mix equal parts white school glue with shaving cream.  I mixed them up in plastic cups that I had leftover from a party this summer, and mixed it with a plastic knife.  (I didn't know how messy or bad it would be to clean up.)  I gave the kids each their own cup, a sheet of blue construction paper, and a larger paintbrush.  I should them how to do it, and then let them go at it.  They had a great time trying to make snowmen and snow flakes.  When we woke up this morning, both kids were eager to check out their pictures to see how they looked!

My snowman scene
L and D having fun with the snow paint!


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