Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas in Chicago

We take an annual trip up to Chicago for a special Christmas adventure.  Normally we drive in, but this year we decided to take the train in.  If you factor in all the costs of parking, gas, and tolls, it was almost the same price, and we didn't have to worry about driving in snow (we had gotten hit pretty bad the day before we were set to go).  Our first stop is always Marshall Fields on State Street.  We take a look at all the fun decorated windows.  This year the theme was Yes Virginia.  The kids loved it!  We then head in to see the big man in red.  The kids wrote their very own lists to Santa and made to sure bring them with.  There is a giant red mailbox that the kids can send their letters to Santa in.  We then had lunch in the Walnut room.  They always have a giant tree decorated fantastically.  Then it was time to bundle up again and head outside.  There is an amazing German Christmas Village set up in Daley Plaza every year.  The hubby and I try to not miss it, and have gone pretty much every year for almost the 10 years we have been together.  We make it a tradition to pick out our ornaments for the year there.  This year we had a underwater theme going.  D picked out a conch shell, L picked a ship, and Adam picked a deep sea diver!  We then took a walk to Grant park so the kids could see Cloud gate (THE BEAN!!!!), and watch the people ice skating.  We wrapped up the day with the trip home on the train.  A fantastic experience for all 4 of us, and something they are still talking about!


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