Monday, October 11, 2010

Last ball game of the season.

At the beginning of September we noticed that it was the last home game of the season for the South Bend SilverHawks.  We had tried to go once a month throughout the entire season, but missed the month of August.  They have amazing deals where they have dollar Mondays.  Adam noticed that the last game was also going to have fireworks.  He felt bad that we missed fireworks on the 4th of July due to car trouble coming home, so he jumped right on it.  Lo and behold, he got us tickets directly behind home plate, first row!  We got there and found out even better news, they were doing $1 pop, hot dogs, popcorn, candy!  So we loaded up on junk and set out to watch the game.  L loved it because we were right next to the tunnel where everyone comes out to the field.  He got to see the Cardinal Fitness bird, broccoli, carrot, and pea, and he got to see the kids that went out and raced on the field.  They did a pretty good job of sitting there throughout the entire game, and even entertained the people sitting in our section.  Then came the fireworks.  It was a great show!  After all that fun, they let the kids come out on the field and run the bases.  L and D were so thrilled, L actually ran around them twice!  They were given a Chipotle kids meal coupon when they came in.  What a fantastic family night, for very little money.  We can't wait for next baseball season!

 A shot from our seats
 Happy family!

L was hot and tired, but so happy he was on the field

That is one excited girl!


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