Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Take me out.....

to the ball game!  The family and I have gone twice now this summer to our local baseball games.  It isn't anything awesome like going to Chicago and seeing the Cubs play, but much more affordable.  The stadium here has special Dollar Days on Monday home games. 
Hot Dogs-$1
The kids under 5 are free, and that means only $2 for 2 adult bleacher seats.  We can go to the game, get 6 hot dogs, 3 bottles of pop, a big tub of popcorn, and a 26oz. beer all for $20!  You just can't beat that!  The first time we went, it was cold and rainy.  I think we stayed until the 5th inning.  The kids just loved it.  D actually cried the whole way home because we were leaving the game.  When we got home, there were 2 packages of baseball cards for the kids.  They were so excited about the cards and their tickets, they got their treasure boxes out to put them in for safe keeping.  Of course that lasted about a day until they started to fight over whose was whose.  Good old mom color coded the tops of the cards, that way we always know what cards belongs to whom.

We went again just this last Monday.  The weather was perfect to take in a ball game.  The sun was up, but not too sunny.  The weather was warm, but not scorching like it has been.  And a cool breeze was blowing in.  It was great too because some of our friends from the mom's group were able to go and sit near us.  One of the dads even caught one of the foul balls!  On our way to our seats, we even got to meet Cinderella.  Not sure why she was at the ball game, but whatever.  The kids were thrilled!  This time the weather was so nice we actually stayed until the end of the game.  And our team won!  Everyone was yelling and screaming with excitement, so we had the kids scream as loud as they could.  When else would we let them? 

It looks like we will be heading back again next month, only next time we will be hopefully bringing all of Adam's brothers with us.  That will be a blast!

The South Bend Silverhawks!


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