Wednesday, June 30, 2010

L is 4!

And my little boy turned 4 this month!  He is no longer a little boy, but a real boy.  This birthday has been harder on me than any of the others so far.  He came into this world in such chaos that it is hard to believe that most times he is so mellow.  L of course requested a blue dinosaur cake, so I had to comply ;-)  Since his birthday this year was also Father's day, we tried to sort of split the day in half.  Of course Adam was very happy to give his little boy what he wanted to do on his day.  He also started off the morning with a small stack of presents next to the couch.  He very sweetly "read" his Toy Story card to his sister.  (Daddy was most excited about picking out the cards for both kids)  He got his very own Adventure Book, a Yo Gabba Gabba block set, and this baseball/t ball set.   We headed over to the Leeper Art fair, which is sort of a tradition for us.  That started when we were stuck in the traffic on the way to the hospital to have D.  There was also a Pioneer Days going on in the park across the street.  Okay, that was super lame, and Adam and I spent most of the time explaining everything that was set up.  But then we headed back to the play ground.  L ran over to this giant old school metal slide before we could get to him.  Climbed up that ladder, and came flying down so quickly that he actually bounced when he landed on the ground at the bottom.  Not to be deterred, he kept going, and that became his favorite thing there that day, and insisted on having his picture taken at the top.

L picked McDonald's for his birthday lunch, and we treated the kids to Happy Meals.  They were in heaven!  After naps, we played outside with the new Sand and Water table we got from Pupsi, and then we busted out the new slip n' slide.  The only problem was that neither kid wanted to slip nor slide.  Leave it to Daddy to take the hint and show the kids proper technique!  We all took turns on it then.  Ended the day with grilled fresh green onion sausages, and cupcakes of course.


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