Monday, June 8, 2009


Adam ran his second half-marathon on Saturday. But the best part was that he ran it with a friend and his youngest brother and it was both their first races and the farthest they have ever run. We are so proud of all of the boys! Our friends Chad and his girl friend Liz (the ones with the horses), came up on Friday night so we could all make it to the race. Liz stayed with me during the race and helped me control the kids, which is not easy! The race started at the College Football Hall of Fame and ended on the 50 yard line at Notre Dame stadium. The kids made us late to see the boys start the race so we headed over to the stadium and waited. Chad was the first one to come in, then Adam, and then Zach. The kids got so excited to cheer them on. We had awesome seats!! We were second row from the bottom about 20 yards from the finish line. We could see everything! It was a hot, fun, long day, and again we are so proud of all the boys! Great job!!

That is Adam running to the finish line. He is in the yellow shirt and red bandanna.

Chad and Adam showing off the medals they got for finishing. The finish line is right behind Chad's head.
Adam and his baby brother Zach. At 18 he has finished his first half marathon, and run the farthest ever in his life!


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