Wednesday, June 3, 2009

1st day of preschool

My little boy is a grown up! He had his very first day of preschool today. Now let me tell you a little about this preschool. It is actually one of the moms from the moms group I'm in. She use to teach preschool, wanted to get into it again, and thought that some of the kids would really enjoy it. And boy did they! L didn't want to leave! They were there for 2 hours and during that time they did 2 crafts, sang, played outside, had a snack, and had fun. He can't wait to go back.

And what did I learn while L was in school. That grocery shopping with one child is fun, and amazing! I haven't gone grocery shopping with only 1 child in 2 years. It's either both or none, but going with 1, I loved it!


Michelle said...

Aw, I bet he had a blast. Very bittersweet.

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