Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Break 2014

Spring break is officially over and boy is my house quiet now.  The kids and I have had a busy fun filled week, and Adam joined in on the fun over both weekends. The first weekend was our amazing Chicago trip which you can read about HERE and HERE.

Monday: We headed out to the local library to play Lego bingo!

Tuesday: The kids and I drove out to visit my mom and her husband. Added bonus, my brother his girlfriend, their baby, and her son were all able to come over and visit as well. It was fun cousin time for all!

Wednesday: Met up with other Cub Scouts at the Bodine Fish Hatchery to learn about how the DNR raises fish and releases them back into the river. This was a very interesting field trip, and our host was fantastic! Afterwards we met up with friends at the library for a spring mobile craft, and paper egg hunt, then off to DQ for a special ice cream treat.

Thursday: The same friends that we hung out with the day prior met us at the local zoo for a fun visit. We have all been coming to the zoo together for years, and usually the first trip of the year is always together. The kids and I packed a picnic lunch to have with Adam at work, unfortunately it was way too windy, so we ate inside LaFourtune.

On our way home from campus, the kids got to use their free frozen yogurt coupons they earned from school at Let's Spoon Frozen yogurt!

And then back to a library for yet another fun craft! This time paper bag kites, which is super awesome since L needed to make one for scouts.

That night we headed to Meijer and the kids were able to pick our their big kid fishing poles. They have been working toward these for a bit.

Friday: We met up with friends yet again for a Agriculture days at the 4H fair grounds. Both kids had gone on field trips in kindergarten, but this year they had it over spring break. There are always tons of fun animals to touch and see, a sort of nature treasure hunt, and a cookie and milk at the end. Because it was amazingly wonderful outside, we all packed a picnic and had lunch on the bleachers.

When we got home, the weather was still so nice even with the threat of rain storms looming, we headed out to chalk the walk in front of the apartment. L drew the Lego Ninjago characters and then this, which is apparently a Grundell. 

The kids had to help me at work, and so I told them if they did their job and behaved well I would pay them in frozen yogurt. So again we headed out. This is more frozen yogurt in one week then we ever get.

Saturday: The kids have wanted to go to a Notre Dame football game now for some time. Every spring the team plays against themselves for a fun cheap game. So off we went to the Blue and Gold game on campus. We packed a light lunch, headed in, and only lasted until half time. Neither kid thought is was terribly interesting, while Adam and I were enjoying the game. When we had gotten the frozen yogurt the night before, the cashier gave us 4 free coupons, so off we went for another frozen yogurt treat.

The kids were chomping at the bit to use their new poles, so we headed out to try them out. The river was nice and high, but we think the water was just too cold still for many of the fish to bite. They had fun trying though, and I enjoyed laying on a blanket reading my book and knitting.

Sunday: The scouts were invited by the parks department to come to one of the local parks for the first annual trash bash. The cub scouts competed against the girl scouts in collecting trash. Just my family of 4 filled up 4 large trash bags! The kids got t-shirts, water bottles, earth day pins, and stickers. The parks department had a wonderful cook out at the end for us too, hot dogs, bags of chips, fresh fruit, tons of pop and water, gold fish, teddy grahams, and full size candy bars! The kids were all in heaven.

Afterward we headed to a local school to meet up with some of our oldest (old mom's group friends) to have a small egg hunt. The kids had a blast and all got around 25 eggs each. After digging through all the loot, there was fun play time on the playground!

It was a wonderfully busy week, and we all had fun, but I am happy to be back to normal again.


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