Monday, February 11, 2013

2013 Valentine Craft day

This year we did our craft day a little differently. This year, I am no longer in the local moms group because we aged out with school. It makes me a little sad because we spent so many great years involved with it, that I figured we still needed to have a big craft day. So I got a room at the library for after school, and invited a bunch of our friends to join us. It was a huge success! I set up 4 crafts in different stations, and had everyone bring a snack to share. It worked out so well, that we are planning a St. Patrick's day the same way.

One of the craft the kids could make were heart sun catchers. I had hearts cut out of contact paper, construction paper heart frames, yarn, and tissue paper all pre-cut.

We did add 3 stories to the end of our craft time.

We also did one of our favorites. These always come out so nice looking! I cut the plain coffee filters into heart shapes and set out Valentine colors of washable markers. We encourage the kids to color in the entire filter.
 We then had the kid move down the table a bit and spray down the filter. This creates a fun tie dye effect. Always a fun craft!

 We did marble painted hearts. I had to come up with a way to do this and minimize the mess potential since it was in the library. A friend had donated these empty coffee cans to the Art Smart program at school, so I borrowed them for the afternoon. I had medium sized hearts cut out of white card stock. We only used red and purple paint, which still created some fun other shades after it was all done. I put the paint and a few marbles in a separate cup and used a plastic spoon to add them to the coffee cans. I made sure the lids were on tight, and the kids LOVED shaking the can and making loud music.

 And lastly we did the love birds that my kids and I had done a few years back as a fun and simple fourth craft. I had everything all pre-cut just making it easier, plus I knew that I didn't have enough kid scissors for all that were coming. This was fun to see how the kids really made it their own!


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