Wednesday, July 27, 2011

City Bus Ride Adventure

We have recently moved into a new apartment in the last week, and are still figuring out how to get around to all the places that we normally would go. Well, Adam needed the car today for work, and the kids and I normally go to story time. Lucky for us, the city bus has a stop near our new apartment, and right in front of the library. Added plus, a bus ride was on our summer bucket list. Added plus plus, Notre Dame id holders and children under 4 ride for free! So Adam and I sat down last night to plan the trip I was going to take with the kids. We were going to have a transfer in the middle of the ride. No problem! This morning, I got the kids up and fed, dressed and backpacks packed with snacks, drinks, and our returning library books. And off we went! When we arrived, there was a bus leaving. No worries, the next one is suppose to be here at 9:26, just 20 min from now. While we were waiting, we ate snacks and read some of the stories we were bringing back. 9:35 rolls around and still no bus. Call Adam, and then called the company. The next bus is at 9:55. We should still be able to make it to story time on time. We did get there and made it just as story time was starting. After story time, we had just enough time to find our books and movies for the next week, walk outside and catch the bus going home! I didn't think to take any pictures while on the bus until we were almost home, hence the strange pic of L. I did bring ring pops for the kids and it was a good thing. It kept the whiny talking down on the way home. Plus it was special! I plan on trying this again next week, and now that I know what to expect, it should go smoother.

Things learned today:
-there is no 9:26 bus
-the bus comes to our apartment at the top of the hour
-the bus drivers and most passengers are friendly and helpful
-they all think L is 4 and under, so free!
-D can't sit next to the window, she pulled the stop cord as soon as we sat down. After I told them both repeatedly not to on the inbound trip. Thankfully we had not left the station yet.
-the bus route maps are confusing to read
-my kids will act up as soon as we sit on the bus
-we always have to sit all the way in the back

Overall, an interesting and cheap adventure, and I am willing to try it again!


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