Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Chocolate bunnies and Worm tracks

I saw this idea for the chocolate bunnies a little bit back in The Mailbox magazine, and have now become obsessed with getting the kids to do it. 

bunny cut out on sturdy white paper
brown paint
white glue
chocolate pudding mix
paint brushes
plastic cup/bowls
candy sprinkles

First mix the brown paint, white glue, and pudding mix equally in a plastic cup.  I use a plastic spoon or knife to mix, less mess to clean up.  I also laid down a large sheet of paper on the kitchen floor to catch any mess.  Scoop your paint mixture into little bowls for the kids, I use empty egg cartons that I cut apart.  I laid down the paint, a brush, and the cut out on the floor for each of us.  The paint mixture looked a little like cake batter, and smelled sooooo good!  It was very tempting to lick it off of fingers, so if you have one that puts everything in their mouth, maybe hold off on this project.  The kids had a blast painting this thick stuff all over the paper.  But what came next was their favorite.  I let them shake candy sprinkles or jimmies out of the container onto the wet bunnies.  We will be letting these dry for now, and when they are finally dry (I'm guessing at least over night), we will tie a little ribbon around it's neck like the ones you get at the store.  I'll take a picture of the finished product when they are done, and update.

Worm tracks:

I figured since we already had tons of this brown thick mud looking paint, why not try to make worm tracks. 


brown paint mixture from above
lengths of yarn
paper plate
brown sheet of paper

Well this one got a bit messy.  Because the paint was so thick, it was difficult to run the yarn through it. I scooped a spoonful onto the paper plate and then spread it out a bit.  I gave each kid a piece of yarn, brown paper, and plate.  We then dipped the yarn and pushed it into the paint with our fingers.  Pull the yarn to coat with the paint, and then drag across the paper.  It will look like the worms inched their way across your paper!  This was L's favorite of the two projects today, but because well he is a boy, and loves to get messy!  D was just not that into this one.  She didn't want to get her fingers messy and gave up after just 2 tries.  Well you live and learn right?


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