Saturday, February 12, 2011

Groundhog's Day!

Well, I was going to post pictures of the cute craft and snack we had, but my house was broken into and they took my laptop and camera.  So for now, please make do with just the description.  Thank you!

The craft we did was a cute groundhog puppet.  Adam drew up a little cartoon groundhog waving one hand.  Each kid colored him in, glued him to a large popsicle stick.  We then took large foam cups with a slit in the bottom.  Put the stick through the slit, and you can now make your cute little groundhog pop out to check his shadow!

The snack I made was just "dirt".  You take chocolate pudding, and fill a small plastic cup about halfway.  Crush up some Oreo cookies to look like dirt and sprinkle over the top. I topped it off with a Nilla wafer cookie that I decorated to look like a groundhog face with black frosting.

The books we read were:
Gretchen Groundhog, It's your day by Abby Levine
Groundhog Day by Margaret McNamara


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