Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Today is December 1, and we were lucky enough to get a nice blanket of snow!  The kids were so excited to look out the window and see that.  They insisted on digging out the good old snow boots!  So after naps today I figured we would do a science experiment.  I got out 3 sheets of black paper.  And then I asked the kids "What do you think the snowflakes look like?" STARS!!! and "Do you think they all look the same?" YESSSS!!!!  So we all bundled back up and headed out front.  I showed the kids how to hold the paper to collect the most amount of flakes.  So I asked them the questions again, and they said the same thing.  I showed them that all the snowflakes looked different.  There was a big one that had tons of lines, and then another big one that had very few.  They loved it! 

So we headed back inside and got out computer paper that had been used on one side.  Folded them up and showed the kids how to cut.  It was a great way to work on their cutting skills.  D didn't really get the whole concept and barely cut anything off hers.  L really got into it!  L did ask if we could decorate them with glitter.  Sure, no problem!  I went into the craft supplies, grabbed the Elmer's glue, glitter, paint brushes, and some egg carton cups.  I mixed up a few teaspoons of glue with a sprinkling of glitter and mixed.  I sat the kids down at the table and gave them a paintbrush.  They had a great time.  Do put a layer of newspaper down under the crafts before hand.  It wasn't too bad to clean up, I sprayed it down right away and it cleaned right up. 

The pictures don't do these justice!


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