Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Potato Stamps

The mom's group that I organize had their 2nd annual family picnic on Sunday, and we had intended on having the kids do potato stamps since it is National Potato month.  Well, the kids were having way to much fun at the playground, so I didn't even bother setting it up.  I had the stamps all cut already, so Monday evening before dinner, I took the kids in the backyard.  I had cut a heart, star, triangle, square, rectangle, and sort of a rain drop shape.  I put a dollop of each color of washable paint on a paper plate for each of us to use.  Our friend had donated a large roll of white paper to us, so we rolled it out on our tiny sidewalk in back, and got set to stamping.  At first D would just stamp over the same spot with every stamp.  That quickly become a messy pile of paint.  But once she figured out that you could move around this giant sheet of paper, she became much more creative.  That is until she has red paint all over her hands and wiped the hair out of her face.  Needless to say it was definitely bath night!  They were very proud of the designs that we made and proudly helped hang it up.  I thought even the plate the kids used looked really neat. 

They started out as single color stamps and quickly became a nice mix of colors.
Even the plates holding the paint became art work afterwards!


Cris Goode said...

Looks like you had fun! I remember making those in Girl Scouts!

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