Monday, May 10, 2010

Little Girl Cakes

Wow, Blogger just informed me that this will be post 200! Amazing, I didn't think I had that much to say.

My last two orders have been for 2 year old little girls. I love it, that means I get to work with really fun pretty designs. The first order was for 50 decorated sugar cookies for the treat bags, and then a sheet cake to feed 40 people, but there were rules I had to follow. She asked for it to be chocolate cake, strawberry filling, buttercream icing, and all of it had to be all natural, including coloring the icing. This was a challenge, but one I went for head on. Oh and it also had to be Ni Hao Kia-Lan.

The next order was for a pink princess castle. This one was fun, because D has been asking for one for her birthday next month. I learned a few things to do differently for the next time, but overall I'm very happy with the way they all turned out.

Coming up next: a Pinata cake, and a dinosaur cake!

Cut out Sugar cookies decorated with Royal Icing, and yellow sanding sugar

2 layer Devil's Food cake with strawberry filling, homemade buttercream frosting. The pink frosting had strawberry jam mixed in, and the brown has cocoa powder. The flowers are marshmallows cut and dipped in sanding sugar.

Princess castle cake with ice cream cone turrets. A little wonky, but I know what to do differently next time.


MISSLINDY Photos said...

Oh my goodness!Your sweet treats look wonderful.I'll have to remember that :)

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