Monday, April 12, 2010

Marble Painting

Once again, a project I have seen in other places, but most recently while I was surfing Muffin Tin Mom, I found this project. Daddy went to spend time with a friend so the kids and I got to painting.

plastic cups
washable paint
a shallow dish

I put the marbles in a cup, added a nice dollop of paint to each cup, stirred the marbles in the paint with the spoon. I put the paper in the shallow dish (we used a lid to a cardboard box and a roasting pan), and then spooned the paint covered marble onto the paper. Then let the kids wiggle the dish around to move the marbles around. The kids had fun. We set this up on the kitchen floor to make clean up a snap. (We headed outside originally, but it started to drizzle)
D did loose her marbles a few times, she got kind of crazy with the wiggles. But over all a great indoor project!

The kids then gave their dried paintings to Auntie Beth for her birthday later that day. They were very proud to show off their creations.


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