Sunday, January 24, 2010

Curious George Live!

This last Thursday night, my mom and I took the kids to see Curious George Live. We have had the tickets for over a month, and I kept it a secret from the kids until the night before. Boy was that difficult! When I did tell them, they were really excited but didn't quite understand what I meant. Oh well! We headed out in the morning to spend time with my mom and her husband. We ate lunch, and dinner and then got ready to go. D picked out a dress to wear to see George! What a cutie. Once inside the theater, the kids got even more excited. We walked past a stand that was selling over priced t-shirts, toys, and hats, and they wanted their picture taken in front of the picture of the fun little monkey. Then we found our seats. We were just a few rows back from the stage, amazing seats! I snuck in snacks and juice for the kids, so we broke that out. The show began and the kids had fun. The characters and sets looked just like the cartoon! They even had it down to the littlest details, like the shoes that they wore. They even had the same voice as the narrator! Then intermission came, and it all went downhill from there. The kids decided at the last min, they needed to go to the bathroom. Come back to the seats, and the kids just can't sit still. L is trying to run up to the stage, D is crying that she can't see even though she is either sitting in my lap or on her own chair. The show just didn't catch their attention for the second half. I'm not sure if it was the show itself, or if the fact that the show started at bed time and there were no naps that day, but either way, not really fun. The show ended and we went to visit my brother. He works as a chef/cook in the hotel that is attached to the theater we were in. He brought the kids in back to the kitchen and gave them each a cookie. On the way through the restaurant, there were 2 military people wearing their fatigues sitting at a table. L saw them and announced loudly, "Why are they still wearing their pj's?" This of course caused us all, including the military members, a good laugh. When we walked a little ways away, L looked up at my mom and asked why we were all laughing. He just still didn't get it. We did pick up a program for the kids as a keepsake, and they were very happy to show daddy all the fun stuff we saw the next day when we came home.

The cuties waiting for George.

The kids and my mom watching the first half.

The set and characters


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