Friday, September 4, 2009

I think he is slowly going insane

Honey, I know that you are reading this, but I think you may be insane this week. It started out with the idea to ride almost 5 miles on our bikes with all of the camping gear to a friend's house from his parents house. We are dropping the kids off with the grandparents so we can camp with friends and he has this great idea that he and I will bike nearly 5 miles carrying 2 sleeping bags, a tent, a blanket, and clothes. WHAT!

The next thing was yesterday he had promised the kids they could sleep in a play tent if they were good all day. And they were until dinner time. The refusal to eat cause an angry mom and dad, and crying L and D. Needless to say they went to bed in their own beds. At about 11pm dad felt bad and set the tent up in the kids room. Their room is so small, and the tent so big, that you can't really walk around this thing. So he goes and wakes them up so they can sleep in it. L got right in and fell back asleep, D just wanted to stay in her bed. But at 6 am they were up and playing and laughing. This then resulted in angry dad. My thought, which I kept to myself, was well what did you think was going to happen. The tent then came down and everyone finally got out of bed around 7:15 this morning.

I love you dear, but sometimes I wonder about you. Hopefully this weekend your sanity will come back when we are camping in the fresh air!


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