Tuesday, September 30, 2008

WTF!!! Too Funny!!!!!

So I stuck this frozen dinner in the microwave for lunch while I was getting the kids lunch ready. I put it in for the required 4 1/2 mins and let it stand for the 1-2 mins. Well when I opened the box I just bust out laughing! There were no freakin noodles in the entire box, and what little sauce there was, was mainly burned from being cooked for so long! All I could do was laugh my ass off! I wasn't angry, I just was amused. Well, I tried to call the 1- 800 number on the box only to be told that I can not call from my location. So I tried the website on the box, and found that it was in Canada and that was why I couldn't call. Not sure how I ended up with a frozen lunch from Canada, but oh well. I did send off an e-mail to the company explaining what I've found and that I don't want anything in return. The meal was given to me for free so I don't need to be compensated! I've included pictures just in case you didn't believe me. This first is the box itself. Notice that it says new and improved flavor. Yeah, sure! The second is exactly how it looked when I took it out and opened it! And the third is with an added toothpick just to show the depth of what was in the box. Do you find it as hilarious as me? Or did you just need to be there????


Joyce said...

That is funny! :-)

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